Our Projects

Red Scarf

Brand Strategy & Execution

Stress, something with which everyone can relate with today. Free, something which everyone wants to live today. It was very instant when we interviewed Swamy & Maansi Pillai, now the owners of #StressFreeMe, that the vision they have to help people change their lives for better is a not just a project or a brand. It is a global movement and needs a subtle but bold positioning in the market. And there it was #StressFreeMe.


Division Strategy & Execution

Bizsolindia, India's top management consulting firm, wanted to launch a digital media and communications department to stay engaged with their clients and also welcome potential clients. We not only launched the #DigitalBizsol department but also helped them get high traction in the market. One of the highlights of this project is The #DigitalBizsol Show.  A show which is published in video and podcast episodes on all the major platforms of the world.

Digital social media

Division Strategy & Execution

It was a difficult one. Converting a traditional trading company into a # culture company. We helped Ofelos launch their corporate gifting department. Developing a #TheOfelosExperience and helping them deliver the experience they intended to deliver to their clients


Division Strategy & Execution

From importing the world's most innovative software to converting it into a Make in India project was one of the important projects in the Digital industry. Magickapp Media is an Artificial Intelligence-based digital advertisement screen maker in India. One of the only one's doing it. Right from importing the software to recreating and developing the software and further taking it into the market was one of the major role played for the company. 

Lights on Screen